Swings gently develop a child’s muscle strength and core motor skills. Holding on to the cord or chain of a swing strengthens grip strength and finger coordination – an essential milestone for children learning to write. Stimulating the senses through swinging gives the child’s brain practice at organising and interpreting spatial information, providing a foundation for complex learning and behaviour later. In fact, the rocking motion of swinging stimulates the part of the brain that helps you focus, the cerebral cortex. 

We put the fun back into swinging

Who says our children have to swing on boring metal  swings?  We want to make beautiful, fun memories that are not only functional and educational but cute as well. We have deliberately made only a few in each pattern so that you can be pretty sure, the one you pick won’t be the same as your best friends.


By supporting our business, you are contributing to the Australian economy, but more than that, you are putting fun back into a child’s life. ​


We enjoy providing our customers with products that are quality controlled and sewn with the highest level of professional ability.​


We are an Australian owned small business and proud of it. We love being a part of the small business community and we support other small business start-ups when ever we can.​


We want you to be happy, so we have hand picked our fabrics to be on trend. You can help us to know what is most liked, by going to our Facebook page and liking our posts.​

Making memories

We think you should make beautiful memories whenever you can. Children are our happy place. They bring a smile to our faces and remind us to enjoy the little things in life. Let’s do our best to make as many memories as we can. If you would like to send us some photos of you and your child enjoying our swings, then please go to our Facebook page and send us a picture.

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