**Please Read** Our Swing-a-lings are ready to be shipped!! However, we are still working on getting photos for each up on the website. Until then, the material selections are below for you to make your choice. To place an order (for now) flick us an email or send us a message via Instagram or Facebook!

If you’d like to see the swing made up, please get in touch and I can send you a picture.

Although the materials are locally sourced, we have selected only a small amount of each so there will only be a limited selection of each swing on offer. This helps to bring you peace of mind, that there won’t be 100’s of the same beautiful swing that you have picked out.

We so look forward to bringing this fun experience, happiness and joy to your little one!

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Australian Native
Love birds
Cream Woodland
Pink Parrots
Happy Go Slothy
Blue Stripes
Grey Stripes
Blue Woodland

Coming soon

Coming soon