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Sometimes mums need some love and comfort as well.. this beautiful soap range can offer just that. How about adding a little treat for yourself or a new mum to show the love. 

We’ve teamed up with a local small business to bring these wonderfully scented natural loofah soaps to you. 

We offer them exclusively in the Blueberry Blend and Melon Blend.

... for comfort

Little ones often have a security blanket or a comfort toy that is their favourite and best friend. This little bunny (who we named Button Butt Bunny), could be your little ones new best friend. 

Together they can go on endless adventures, growing and exploring all that life has to offer.

... for the little ones

Who doesn’t love to relax in the bath with their favourite soaps and scents?! These soaps are specially designed and made with your little ones in mind.

We’ve teamed up with a local small business to bring these wonderful baby and toddler friendly soaps to you.

We offer a two pack of goats milk, (with a hint of mandarin essential oil) baby soaps and our exciting exclusive product, the Rubber Ducky Bath Time soap! Once the soap is finished, your little one will get to keep the little rubber duck for future bath time fun.

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Bare Senses - Blueberry Blend Loofah Soap -

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Button Butt Bunny Comforter

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Bare Senses - Goats Milk Baby Soap

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Bare Senses - Melon Blend Loofah Soap

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Bare Senses - Rubber Ducky Bath Time Soap

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